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Your job is to help the poor girl cleanse all her skin problems, she will feel better! First you must apply a little cream on your skin, then give it syrup and some tablets. After your skin treatment, you have to choose a dress that suits her best.

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It's a great job and you should eat right now because she needs your help. Many people around the world suffer from different types of allergy. Among the most common allergies are allergies to the skin. Many are the factors that can cause allergies in the skin, such as dust, stings, mites, medications and some foods. When you are allergic to something you should go to the doctor to have a diagnosis appropriate for the case. To avoid skin allergies you should avoid exposing yourself to allergy. Since once exposed the allergy will appear irremediably. When allergies to the skin are very aggressive can cause even bleeding, rashes and intense itching. Tags: , , ,

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