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Foot Injured

She has hurt her foot and has a lot of pain! This time you will be your family doctor, it is your duty to do a good job to heal her soon. Give the most suitable treatment for your foot! Be sure to follow all the instructions step by step.

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She is special, so you have to treat her well when you attend her. When you hurt your foot, according to the seriousness of the case it will be necessary to go to the hospital. It is recommended that when there is a blow, ice is applied to reduce swelling. A doctor may recommend using some medicine for pain and inflammation. The foot can suffer fractures if the blow is very hard. In cases of fractures it is recommended to plaster the foot so that the bone is reattached. Plaster is usually used for about two months. Only a doctor can perform the procedure to remove the plaster from the patient. If you injure your foot consult your doctor. Tags: , ,

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