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They were long exposed to the cold making a snowman, but suddenly one of them has caught a strong cold. The older sister will take care of the younger sister in this case. And you should give her a hand, to help her treat colds.

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Use only the mouse to interact. Resting is important for early cold healing. Colds are common at any time of the year. To prevent them you can drink citrus juices, such as grapefruit, orange, lemon and mandarin. Vitamin C also helps prevent the cold and strengthen the body's defenses. When you have a cold, you should use a mouth cap to avoid infecting others. Avoid enclosed spaces and wash your hands constantly. Wear disposable tissues instead of cloth handkerchiefs. If you have a fever consult your doctor and rest, good sleep will help you recover soon. The doctor will also recommend taking lots of water to replenish the liquid that has been lost. It is not advisable to practice sports if you have a cold. Tags: , , , ,

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