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You must call the ambulance, then you must enter the operating room when the precious baby is born. You will have to cut the umbilical cord, also breastfeed it well, listen to your heartbeat and make other series of controls.

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The important thing is that the baby is well taken care of by you. In an operating room all the elements must be prepared and sterilized before an operation. In the event that you have to cut an umbilical cord, the scissors must be clean. Each element or instrument should not be contaminated. Doctors must be disinfected to avoid carrying bacteria into the operating room. When a baby is born, a specialist in neonatology should receive it and practice cleaning the baby. You should take your stockings and weight. You should control your heartbeat and your breathing and even your newborn's skin color. Soon the baby should be fed by the mother. Tags: , , ,

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