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Baby Twins Birth

She will give birth to twins, you have to call 911, meanwhile take care of her until the ambulance arrives. After the beautiful twins are born, you have to take care of them! Begin by changing diapers, and feeding them. It will be a beautiful happy family thanks to you.

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It will be a great help for babies to grow healthy and strong. When a mother is pregnant with twins the doctor tells her to take certain precautionary measures. Since you have two babies, then, the weight could be double. Food should be balanced, taking care to consume foods that are not healthy. Take vitamins and drink plenty of fluids to be healthy. The mother on her part should prepare all the details, the clothes, bottles and diapers. After birth you will need extra help caring for your babies. Breastfeeding is very important to strengthen the immune system of each baby. It is recommended that breastfeeding be up to two years of life. Tags: , , ,

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